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Actually, the real question may be how serious you are in moving ahead with your paralegal career plans.  Credentials are important to the paralegal in the same way as location is important to the home buyer.  Credential!  Credential!  Credential!   If you are serious about moving ahead as a paralegal, you must take paralegal education and the necessary credentials seriously.    Use the following information as a tool in making an informed decision. 

What credentials are we talking about?

We are talking about two credentials, the Paralegal Certificate and national certification. 

Paralegal Certificate

  • Received after completion of  paralegal studies program
  • Confirms mastery of substantive legal coursework

National Certification

Why are these credentials so important?

The paralegal career area is not going away.  In fact, it will continue to grow as a profession.  If you are considering a promotion, or if you are beginning a paralegal career, it is vital you are aware of these trends…and what you can do to set yourself apart from other applicants.   Check out the following excerpt from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website at www.bls.gov

As employers try to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of legal services, they are expected to hire more paralegals and legal assistants…This will cause an increase in demand for paralegals…Law firms will continue to be the largest employers of paralegals…the high cost of lawyers and their support staff makes it much more economical to have an in-house legal department rather than to retain outside counsel. This will lead to an increase in the demand of legal workers in a variety of settings...

Did you know…Employers often list formal paralegal training and the Paralegal Certificate as desired qualifications on a job posting?

Power of the Credential…and Power to You

Want to gain or maintain your competitive edge in the job market?  Knowledge is powerful!  Skill-specific knowledge…paralegal knowledge, is powerful!  How does that knowledge transfer the power to you?

  • Adds law-related focus to your resume
  • Adds law-related credibility to your experience    
  • Increases the possibility of internal promotions or in qualifying for more paralegal jobs
  • Highlights your motivation and determination to be the best

The AIPS Advantage

  • Experienced, respected, relevant
  • Designed for working adults
  • Taught by licensed attorneys and practicing paralegals
  • Interactive online format

Ready?  Apply, today!! 

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