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paralegal certificateYou need to think outside the paralegal career box!

There is a thought process for everything, including beginning a paralegal career.  If you are new to the paralegal arena, the key is to get your foot in the door.  It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny foot or if you are Bigfoot, you can begin a paralegal career.  How is that done, you ask?  Think outside of the box!  You may not even know how to think “inside the box”. It’s okay.  We’re going to help you.  You, also, have to be willing to begin at the beginning…novel idea, right?  Following are a few thoughts that we hope will help you as you pursue your paralegal career:

Thought #1:  Get your Paralegal Certificate!

Your Paralegal Certificate will add law-related credibility to any law-related skills you have.

AIPS offers paralegal programs that will fit you!  Call us at 800-543-2420.

Light Bulb Thought:  You are a certificated paralegal once you receive your Paralegal Certificate!

Thought #2:  Think outside of the box!  Think “law-related” instead of only “paralegal!

You will find a broader range of available jobs, if you think in “law-related” terms.

A paralegal possesses a specific law-related skill set that can be used in many jobs. 


Thought #3:  Use law-related keywords in your online job searches!

Choose legal as your main keyword, which will bring up law-related jobs.

Choose specific titles, such as paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary, legal receptionist, file clerk, executive assistant, if you want to bring up jobs with those titles.

Light Bulb ThoughtIf you have the search options of legal (main keyword), your state, your county and your city, you will bring up more law-related job possibilities.


Thought #4:  Don’t be afraid to apply for entry-level positions!

Look for any law-related position that is in a company, agency or office where you want to work.

Keep your eyes open for receptionist, legal secretary, administrative assistant, file clerk positions…any jobs that help you enter your paralegal career!

Light Bulb Thought Be willing to begin at the beginning!!!    


Thought #5:  Where would you like to work?  Begin your search, there!

Look for jobs wherever your interests lie:  sports, education, government, private sector…


Thought #6:  Who do you know?  Network!

Get your feet walkin’ and mouth talkin’!   Don’t keep your plans to yourself.  

 Remember, doors are for opening!

 The next AIPS online paralegal studies program begins on April 23! Call 800-543-2420 or go to www.aips.com!

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