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You want to be get into the legal field and become a paralegal, but you haven’t gotten started. When is the best time to start paralegal school? The best time is at the start of the New Year. Beginning in January of 2013 assures you that you are will be done with your education and ready to start working at the start of summer. January is also a great time to start because the holidays are over. Once the holidays are out of the way, you will have the needed time to concentrate on your studies.   But now is the time to register so that you can begin school in January. You need to get those wheels in motion to becoming a paralegal!

A paralegal performs many of the same tasks as an attorney and normally works under the supervision of an attorney. A paralegal may do legal research, gather and analyze information for cases, draft legal documents such as motions and legal memorandums, prepare witnesses and evidence for trial, and act as a liaison between the client and attorney. A paralegal’s position differs from the legal secretary whose duties is clerical and focuses on word processing, dictation and scheduling.

Getting started with paralegal school in January means that you could be earning a great salary by mid 2013. legal careers reports that paralegal salaries have risen steadily in the past 10 years, despite a bump in the road from the 2009-2010 recession. The average paralegal salary is about 50,000.00, without bonus. Possible bonuses and overtime hours can add to the reported average salary.

So the right time is now! Now is the time to register so that you are ready to start in school in January, 2013. Our next class starts January 21st, 2013 and you can register at:

To find out more information on paralegal school visit the AIPS website.

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