Online Paralegal School at AIPS

If you are intrigued by a paralegal program–one that will advance your current career and stretch your mind in new ways–earn your paralegal certificate from the American Institute for Paralegal Studies. It’s worth your time, your investment, and your effort.

Here’s why:

  • Online classes: Classes start monthly. Complete your assignments and interact with classmates and faculty from the comfort of your home. You can “go to class” when it’s convenient for you—morning, noon, and night. We’re open 24/7.
  • Career placement: We help our students prepare for paralegal careers at law firms and companies around the country. Services include our Placement Workshop, resume assistance, and job interviewing techniques.
  • One or two-course(s)-at-a-time: Master one paralegal subject before moving onto the next. You’ll stretch your mind by learning how one subject applies to both your current job and your future aspirations. Note that students in the Accelerated program option will take two classes each month. This is best suited for recent college graduates or those who are between jobs and need to retrain quickly.
  • Realworld perspective: Paralegal Study courses that are true-to-life and practical, preparing you for what you’ll actually be doing on the job. You’ll find no fluff in our curriculum—only comprehensive legal courses taught via distance learning.
  • Take the General Practice Online Paralegal Program, which can be completed in four months (accelerated) or eight months, or add our…
  • Litigation Specialty track, which can be completed in a total of six months (accelerated) or 12 months.
  • Faculty and staff: Receive the personal attention, guidance, and support you need to succeed in courses limited to 15 students each. Our faculty and staff are available by e-mail and phone, and our frequent, consistent, and prompt student services are a hallmark of the AIPS experience.

Ready to stretch, specialize, and succeed? Expand your mind, master the paralegal field, and gain the success you deserve. Contact the American Institute for Paralegal Studies at 800-553-2420. Apply, today!